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What Associations are saying about us

Associations, Societies, and Academies are facing unique and complex challenges to remain relevant in adding more value in today’s evolving marketplace & society…


Declining Membership

  • Aging workforce
  • Non-renewing members
  • Increased need for Recruiting New Members and Young Professionals
  • Thousands of associations are scrambling to solve recruitment and retention challenges.

Declining Member Engagement

  • Less engagement and participation from members with long-standing initiatives
  • Events, Newsletters, Publications, Websites, Educational Content losing their influence
  • Increased Need for Deploying new tools, tactics, and technologies to provide more timely and useful content
  • Increased need for winning Attention and Influence

Declining Non-Dues Revenue

  • Associations losing the advertising and sponsorship battle
  • Larger for profit organizations adopting sales, sponsorship, and marketing related offerings
  • Increased Need for Associations to reimagine and reinvigorate their advertising and sponsorship related offerings
  • Declining revenue numbers leaves less money available to solve the unique challenges Associations are facing

How Do We Solve these Problems?

Upward - Recruiting the Best & Brightest Onward

The Association Partner develops a strategy that recruits and retains the Best & Brightest professionals in each industry to get involved and stay involved with their associations! 

  • Custom Digital Marketing Programs
  • Member Engagement
  • Member Surveys/Feedback 

Onward - Providing the Tech to Lead the Way

The Association Partner provides associations with industry leading tools and tech to stay relevant with their members and prospective members in an ever evolving digital world!

  • Programmatic Ad Tech Solutions
  • Newsletter / Email Innovation 
  • TAP Video – Interactive Video Platform

Forward - Propelling your Non-Dues Revenue

The Association Partner team has generated MILLIONS $$$ in Non-Dues Revenue for Associations of All Shapes, Sizes, and Industries! 

  • Digital Advertising Sales
    • Website Advertising
    • Newsletter Advertising
    • Dedicated Eblasts
    • Programmatic/Retargeting
    • Webinar Sponsorships

  • Sponsorship/Partnership Growth
    • Corporate Partnerships
    • Premium Sponsorship / High Dollar Partner Contracts

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