7 Non-Dues Revenue Streams Every Association Should Consider

Are you an association leader, board member, or staff member looking for innovative ways to increase your organization’s income?

As a national association serving the US market, it’s essential to diversify your revenue streams and not rely solely on membership dues. In this blog post, we’ll explore seven non-dues revenue ideas for associations that can help you grow your budget and provide additional value to your members.

AI-Based eNewsletters

AI Newsletter for Non-Dues Revenue - The Association Partner

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to deliver tailored content to your members. AI-based eNewsletters provide more relevant content for your audience, leading to higher open rates and engagement. By offering advertising opportunities in these newsletters, your association can generate additional revenue. Rasa.io and The Association Partner have been working together to capitalize on the need for more modern newsletters while also ensuring they provide the necessary revenue boost Associations are looking for.

“Partnering with rasa.io has just been a great decision across the board.” – Case Aldridge, Director of Business Development at The Association Partner

Dynamic Web Banner Ads

Expand your advertising options by offering dynamic web banner ads on your association’s website. These ads allow advertisers to display different messages based on the user’s location, increasing relevance and engagement. With this targeted approach, you can charge a premium for ad placements and boost your non-dues revenue.

Digital Retargeting

Digital Retargeting Non-Dues Revenue The Association Partner (TAP)

Take advantage of digital retargeting to show banner ads beyond your website. By tapping into web inventory on popular sites like ESPN, USA Today, and Weather.com, you can offer advertisers increased visibility and reach. This expanded reach will help you generate new streams of non-dues revenue for your association.


Partner with industry-leading companies to offer webinars on key topics relevant to your members. These webinars not only educate your members but also provide sponsorship opportunities for the companies presenting. This win-win scenario can result in a significant non-dues revenue boost for your association.

Online Courses and Certifications

Offer online courses and certifications to help members enhance their skills and stay current in their industry. By charging fees for these educational resources, your association can create a valuable non-dues revenue stream while supporting your members’ professional growth.

Job Board and Career Resources

Develop a job board and career resource center for your members. By charging employers for job postings and offering premium services, such as resume reviews or career coaching, your association can generate non-dues revenue while supporting members in their career development.

Sponsored Content

Collaborate with industry partners to create sponsored content for your website or blog. This content can take various forms, including articles, videos, or podcasts, and provides your partners with exposure while generating revenue for your association.


By exploring these seven non-dues revenue ideas, your association can unlock new income sources and better serve your members. Remember, diversification is key, and finding the right mix of revenue streams can lead to a more sustainable and prosperous future for your organization. Contact The Association Partner (TAP) at TheAssociationPartner.com for more resources and assistance in implementing these non-dues revenue programs.

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